Pregnancy and Parenting with Narcolepsy

Hosted by: SaraWolf2911
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Category: parenting
Topic: Narcolepsy with a Newborn
Focus: Labor and delivery, Coping with sleep deprivation o Keeping you and the baby safe

Pregnancy and Parenting with Narcolepsy


In this group, women with narcolepsy are offered support through pregnancy and parenting young children. Our expert facilitators, Sara and Emily both have narcolepsy and have experienced pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding and raising young children. The meetings allow participants to ask questions and share experiences related to all aspects of this particularly challenging time of life.

Wake Up Narcolepsy

Wake Up Narcolepsy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of Narcolepsy to find a cure, as we strengthen families and individuals.

WUN offers free, targeted online support groups to individuals with narcolepsy and their families, worldwide. Our programs are designed to bring together individuals who have been affected by the diagnosis of narcolepsy and provide the support and community necessary to thrive.

WUN accepts donations to accelerate narcolepsy reseach.  Since inception in 2008, WUN has donated over $900K in research funds to institutions across the US including Stanford U, Harvard, Boston Children's, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and more.