Our Mission:

Is to create a community that raises awareness and combats suicide by empowering veterans, first responders, and their families through traditional and non-traditional therapies.

Our Purpose: 

Is to restore the value of life by empowering veterans, first responders, and their families

At 22Kill we understand prevention begins with awareness. This means educating ourselves and the general public, opening up the conversation, and learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortability and fear of being vulnerable. By doing this, we can identify the often avoided or unaddressed issues that can lead someone to thoughts of suicide, and confront those issues as they come, rather than letting them accumulate into something much worse.

The next step is empowerment. One of the biggest challenges veterans and first responders face is finding a sense of purpose after service. 22KILL has built a vast network of organizations and resources across the country, and whether through its own programs, or through external sources, veterans, first responders, and family members can find services for mental wellness and empowerment programs to help them find or rediscover that sense of purpose. The other side of this is engagement. Often times one may come to realize that all they really needed was the brotherhood and camaraderie that may have been absent from their lives since leaving service. The 22KILL "Tribe" allows service members to connect with like-minded individuals and gives them the opportunity to get involved with community events and projects, and be a part of something great.

22KILL has developed traditional and non-traditional mental wellness programs, and now offers a myriad of services through:

Stay The Course:

A program that serves Veterans, First Responders, and families who have sacrificed for our country. STC provides guidance, wellness, and healing from invisible wounds through evidence-based therapies for individuals, couples, and families at little or no cost.

 Tribal Council:

Our peer-to-peer group meeting for veterans and first responders, and is led by staff members from Stay The Course in a open-forum setting.  


Our Forge program introduces veterans, first responders, and their families to the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors, while tapping into the camaraderie and supportive nature of the active outdoor community.  Individuals will have the opportunity to join in group retreats and participate and connect with like-minded people through various activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, off-roading, range shooting, hunting, and aerial gunnery shoots.  

Wind Therapy:

Our Wind Therapy program focuses on introducing veterans, first responders, and their spouses to the therapeutic benefits of motorcycle riding, as well as the camaraderie and supportive nature of the motorcycle community. This multi-phase program emcompasses the Learn2Ride academy for new riders, group rides, retreats, and events and rallies.


W-A-T-C-H (WAre The Children of Heroes) serves the children and families of America’s fallen first responders and military heroes who have died since 9/11. The W.A.T.C.H program is working toward preventing further trauma for families of America's fallen heroes by providing hope, empowerment, and new happy memories for their children. Show them that they are not alone in their grief by connecting them to others just like them, and who are dealing with the same life challenges. Connect them in a safe and comfortable setting, where they can open up, share their feelings, and begin to heal. Create inspirational activities and opportunities for joy, friendship, education, therapy, and communal healing.

White Star Families

The White Star designation recognizes families who have lost a service member to suicide, whether they were military or a first responder.  22KILL honors the sacrifices of both the service member and their family by providing outreach and support programs.  These include family counseling and workshops, resource education, need assessments, peer retreats, and other services as necessary.

And more programs to come...

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