Courage to Caregivers


We want you to know, as a caregiver, you are not alone. 

Our support groups are co-facilitated by both a counselor or social worker as well as a trained peer specialist who has experience caring for a loved one with mental illness.

The goals for our support groups include reinforcing a variety of skills that seek to build resilience and empower the mental illness caregiver as well as establish a caring community.

Our programs focus on:


By providing a source of support and information for caregivers of individuals with mental health challenges. There will be a weekly ‘theme’ around self-care that will be incorporated (i.e. building resilience, adapting a growth mindset, prioritizing self-care, mindfulness) to help participants focus on new ways to evaluate, manage, and succeed in their daily lives. A weekly handout incorporating the ‘theme’ of the week will offer take home suggestions for further reflection.


By reducing the stress of caregiver burden by helping participants feel less isolated and alone as well as better understood. Our support groups offer a unique approach and provide an environment that is positive and uplifting as well as focused on the caregivers’ self-care. By providing both professional and trained peer facilitators, participants will be able to find the best fit for their individual needs.


By empowering participants to achieve their personal goals aimed at reducing stress and improved satisfaction with life, through sharing their experiences, as well as improved health and well-being by taking better care of themselves. 

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Courage to Caregivers
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