The name BWellBStrongBPD popped into my head one day and as a writer I liked the cadence, the rhythm, the way it sounded. Wellness and strength are markers in life to strive for, not absolutes. I know there were many times – and there are currently many days in my life – when I do not feel particularly well or strong – or both.

I was diagnosed with anorexia, major depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder in my late twenties.  Through hard work in therapy, including both DBT (dialectical behaivor therapy) and TFP (transference-focused psychotherapy), I've recovered from these illnesses. Recovery was definitely not linear - I like to compare it to a dance of two steps forward, one step back over and over again.

In 2000 I graduated with my master's in social work from Fordham Univeristy. Being in therapy, I'd become fascinated by the process.  Now, having worked for over twenty years in the field and experiencing the stigma as a patient and listening to my fellow clinicians, it's time to give back. That's why I started BWellBStrongBPD, a mental health advocacy and awareness organiztion.  I want people who have been diagnosed with BPD and their loved ones to know that full and sustained recovery from BPD - and other psychiatric illness is possible.

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