Palmer Drug Abuse Program-Houston Inc.

PDAP is a youth-driven program for adolescents who are looking to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. PDAP not only provides guidance on how to live a healthy and sober lifestyle, but it also creates an alternative peer group for PDAP members, thus giving them a safe & secure environment to implement change & build lifelong friendships.


The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) was formed in 1971 by Father Charlie Wyatt-Brown, the Rector of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. Father Charlie reached out to a recovering addict and offered him love, support, and hope. This man, in turn, began working with adolescents and parents in the community and began a support group in the church basement.  Through their collective experiences, these men recognized that there was a youth population affected by drugs and alcohol.  They took it upon themselves to develop PDAP, a support program focused on recovery through acceptance, love, and kindness. A vision was developed to reach young people who were lost on drugs and bring them into a new and sober lifestyle.  Over the past 45 years, PDAP has gone from its inaugural meeting of six teenagers to positively affecting over 1 million youth in Greater Houston and nationally.


Mission Statement: The Mission of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program is to be the most effective prevention and recovery program helping young people and families avoid or recover from the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Vision Statement: To increase the availability of PDAP services to areas currently under-served, while maintaining free prevention and long-term drug and alcohol recovery programs of the highest quality that are readily accessible to Houston area youth and their families.

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Palmer Drug Abuse Program-Houston Inc.