Patty S.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

I started once again my walk in Wellness and Recovery 16+ years ago after having had a path of recovery in my early twenties. The things I made fun of when younger and claimed would never happen to me...did happen this last time out. I do not have all the answers or advice, my goal is to help people own their decisions, right, wrong or indifferent supportively. I will be empathetic, authentic, humorous, compassionate and very honored to meet you here on this platform.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Patty Schaeffer


I am a person with long term recovery from SUD/MH/TBI. I have learned to embrace my life completely. Helping others on this journey to live changed lives of continued wellness and recovery is crucial to a quality of life that is full of hope for me while meeting people exactly where they are at! I have a heart for service and the passion with purpose to be available and encouraging towards all people at becoming their best version of themselves. Its much bigger than me!


My Recovery Story

I have regained some power back in my life today. I don't allow the world to identify me by old ideas and agreements...I seek something larger to let me know what I was made to be.

My Motivation To Help

Change is often messy and uncertain, but necessary at times. The gift is seeing the miracles happen in someone’s life… this message of possibility is the sweetness of discovery.

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