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I believe there are many pathways to recovery and living a life worth living. I have been actively engaged in therapy and various other modalities of service and care settings for the past decade. I have been working professionally as a Certified Peer Specialist and Parent Peer Specialist since 2012 and have served hundreds of folks. I bring my experience in listening, holding space and presence as a foundation to support others to build a life with peace and dignity.

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My name is Heather. I am a person living in long term recovery. I have been abstinent from substances for 10+ years. I also continue to manage and care for my mental health, including C-PTSD. I am Autistic and continue to learn and grow through my own experiences and am the parent of neurodiverse children. I live in southeast Wisconsin with my family and love yoga, roller skating, reading, writing, gardening and exploring the natural world. I have been working professionally as a peer since 2012. Much of my experience has been spent in crisis services and working with adults after a suicide attempt and/or ongoing suicidal ideation compounded by issues of socio-economic status, race, and more. I can relate to these experiences and have found that effective and validation in being a recipient of peer services has been most helpful for me.


Recovery Story

My recovery is central to my life and intersects and influences all that I do in the world. I am capable of doing hard things and staying sober and sane through it all.

My Motivation To Help

It is my vision that everyone gets that they matter - for me this has come by having a small community of folks I trust and can talk to openly. I hope to be that for others.

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