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Hi, I am Donna. I am an Emory Graduate. I am one of the first women builders of GA. But, I found myself in addiction and codependency. I started my journey of Recovery over 26 years ago and am so grateful! I am here for you as a Recovery Coach for mental issues and or addiction. It is my passion to help people that have issues themselves or family members that are suffering. I have been through that with my son. I am here to help in any way that I can.

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About Donna Cochran


Hi!, I am Donna Brooks. I have 26 years in Recovery! I am a CPS Addiction,CPS Mental Health and have been coaching &leading groups for over 14 years. I am very dedicated to my Recovery and have a Peer Coach and go to AA, Coda, ACA and DTR meetings. I do A Course in Miracles. I am a Single Mom of 2 incredible children. My son went through addiction stuff so I understand both sides. I do Recovery Coaching, transports. I work with GMHCN Warm line and Respite. I love my sweet life of Recovery!!


My Recovery Story

I have been in long term Recovery for 26 years. It has been the most precious blessing of my life. My life today is beyond my wildest dreams My life is precious and fun today!

My Motivation To Help

I have mental health and addiction been in Recovery over 26 years. I am on autism spectrum, have ADD depression. I love my life today and I want to give back.

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