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Certified Peer Support Specialist, Certified Peer Recovery Coach, WHAM & SMART Recovery group facilitator. yenor.peersupport@icloud.com

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About Ed Yenor


Like many who end up becoming Peer Supporters; difficult and challenging times in my life not only led to me growing as an individual, but in some situations they even led to me using my life experience and the lessons I learned to make a difference in the lives of other people. A chaotic childhood and nearly eight years living in the foster care system ultimately led to a 14 year career working in the juvenile justice system where I was able to encourage kids to believe in themselves. My struggles with depression, anxiety, and, PTSD led to me becoming a Peer Support Specialist. Even my DUI arrest encouraged me to take a hard look at myself accept that my attempt to drown my depression with alcohol was working, it was only making things worse. I knew I wasn't the only person who resorted to substance abuse in a maladaptive attempt to cope with mental illness. After I began working in Peer Support, I wanted to learn more about co-occurring disorders so I attended a Recovery Coach Academy which enhanced my skills as a mental health Peer Support and also provided me opportunities to expand into Recovery Coaching. I look forward to meeting you.


Recovery Story

My recovery story is probably unusual in many ways. After my illness combined with other life circumstances transformed me from someone who worked 60+ hours a week to someone on SSDI, I was lost. I decided to address some of my regrets, like not having a college degree. I cannot even begin to describe how hard it was for me to fight through the anxiety of sitting in class, especially that first semester. How hard it was to overcome a lifetime of being told that I wasn’t good enough, and believing it. As I faced my fears, I not only earned a degree, I began the road to recovery.

My Motivation To Help

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” ― Steve Jobs

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My name is Ed,

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My name is Ed, I’m a new Peer Supporter looking to introduce myself. I’m a 47 year old divorced father of 2 adult sons. I have lived experience with Depression, anxiety, ptsd, alcohol abuse and I confess to still loosing the battle to food. So while I’m far from cured, I do think I have come along way from the days when I was so depressed and suicidal that I required ECT treatments. Would love to get to know some of you and join you on your recovery journey.


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SMART Recovery information

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I’ve been asked for information about what SMART Recovery is. The first link is a short brief video description.The second has much more detail. There are tons of videos on YouTube. Smart Recovery links Brief Intro https://youtu.be/zxzhzQJqzZ4 The Best of SMART: The Tools (longer video) https://youtu.be/axVUzqoRHbw

Offering Pro Bono 1:1 Peer Support

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Offering Pro Bono 1:1 Peer Support to get some practice using the system for an individual meeting. I have time slots scheduled for 6:30 and 8PM eastern time.

Foster Care Alumni Group

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As a foster care alumni we often face unique challenges, challenges that extend well into adulthood. Foster Care Alumni are more likely than the general public to struggle with mental illness and addiction. Wondering if there are any former foster kids interested in such a group.