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Hello! My name is Joelle Marie. I have been doing mutual support of some kind since 2003- starting with online communities built by and for those with lived experience. I was trained and officially certified in peer support in Massachusetts in 2016, and again did state approved training in Colorado in 2020. I have also worked in California. I have experience facilitating conversations and offering one-on-one support with people via phone, text (chat room), community bulletin board and in person. I really enjoy connecting with people and exchanging experience to benefit each other. I am autistic, I have OCD and have been diagnosed with bipolar- I also experience chronic pain and neurological and other chronic health issues. Other personal experiences include navigation of benefits systems and accommodations in school and work. I am most adept at addressing these issues, but I have several years of experience connecting with- and supporting- lots of people in lots of different situations with lots of different experiences. I am planning on having groups focused on: •addressing getting accommodation needs met as someone who identifies as having a disability- we can all support each other in navigating those situations. •the needs of autistic individuals (or those on the spectrum)- this is open to those who are self-diagnosed or who suspect they may be autistic as well, but not a place for supporting friends or loved ones (if you would like resources as a friend or loved one, I can provide some!) I can also offer one-on-one time and if you are interested in mentoring or supervision time I am open to offering that- please ask, it doesn't mean you have to take my offer. It's absolutely ok to just see if it would be helpful for or not, maybe I can refer you to someone who would be. Please let me know if you have questions for me!


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