Pam (She/Her)

Certified Peer Supporter

Hi, there! I'm Pam, and I've experienced recurring depression and suicidality since I was 13. I've made use of medication, therapy, and ECT. ~ I love to listen, and I'll share my experiences and ideas if you'd like.


About Pam (She/Her)


I'm Pam, and I love to listen to and learn about my peers. I've experienced depression and suicidality since I was 13. ~ I'm in a good place now, but I've admitted myself to the hospital multiple times so I wouldn't kill myself. I had an especially rough period of depression when I was pregnant. ~ I've taken advantage of medication, talk therapy, and ECT. ~ I've been a Certified Peer Specialist since 2012. I've worked as a mobile peer supporter and in a long-term residence. I'm also trained as an Alternatives to Suicide facilitator and in Peer Support within the Criminal Justice System. ~ I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. ~ I have a brilliant queer daughter and a brilliant queer daughter-in-law. ~ I look forward to meeting with you!


Recovery Story

I'm pretty good now, thanks to a combination of medicines and regular therapy "tune-ups." ~ But I do experience some residual effects of depression, such as lack of motivation and a desire to isolate. I cope with these things by cutting myself some slack, getting a good night's sleep, and making lunch dates with friends to force me to get out of the house.

My Motivation To Help

I hope to help people cope with the hellish experience of Major Depressive Disorder. ~ And I want to help those who are <recovering> from depression because a period of sickness requires a period of recovery.

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