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Hey there. I'm Ted. I'm so grateful to have explored and discovered my own journey of recovery and wellness. Many wonderful people have come across my path to make that happen. Now I help others navigate their personal journey.

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About Ted Thomas


For me, finding a balanced life in an unbalanced world is important. That is what I focus on a lot. Mine hasn't always been truly balanced, but it's an ongoing journey. I walk alongside others on their path while exploring and discovering better options and opportunities toward recovery and wellness. I am a combat veteran having served in the Gulf War. My passion drives me to help guide others to a better life--professionally, personally, family, marriage, faith/spiritually, financially, health and wellness. My credentials include WRAP, OOLA Coach, DISC, Spiritual Gifts Coach, Leadership Speaker & Trainer. You can learn more about my Journey of Recovery here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUKhMJyupa8


Recovery Story

Several decades of chaos, crisis, confusion, and conflict led me to seek a better life of recovery and wellness. My journey includes lots of people, therapy, medications, natural and spiritual elements, and education, along with self-determination to live a balanced life. See: https://archive.org/details/Journey_of_Recovery_Movie

My Motivation To Help

An anonymous speaker at an event one day, said, "Life doesn't have to be that way." Those seven words have stuck with me over the decades. They have been one consistent source of motivation for me and others.

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Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

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Let's explore what balance looks like, define a few things that block us, and a few that will accelerate us toward a balanced life.

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Find this week's meetings. Support Groups, Workshops, and One-on-one sessions. POSTING GUIDELINES: Peer Supporters: Post your upcoming video meetings and workshops for the next 7-10 days only. Members: Got ideas about topic/subject you'd like to see--post it here. No promises it'll happen. At least make your idea known.

Get Plugged In: Adult Attention Deficit Discussion

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Hey Peers, Welcome to Adult Attention Deficit: Navigating the Pathways educational and support group series. In this series we will explore Adult ADD from the vantage point of our personal experiences along with documented discoveries. Join in our live video groups on Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm EDT starting Sept 30th.

Veteran Military Support Team

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Welcome to the HeyPeers! Veteran Military Support Team. This group is restricted to those of us who served or are serving in the Military. All branches. All jobs. This is a space for us to connect, share, and support our military brothers and sisters.

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