Kathy C.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Communication is the catalyst to begin the relationship. You are welcome to join me in a conversation about recovery, spirituality, and life in general as an individual or join in a group conversation -- all without judgement, but filled with support, care, and camraderie. Peer Supporters need peer support, too! If you find yourself in need, I am here as a listening ear for the asking. I have challenges, yes, but my challenges don't have me!

Willing to help others find local resources

About Kathy Cash, d.div., cpss


I am a US Army Veteran with over 12 years experience as a Peer Specialist supporting Veterans. As a non-combat Veteran, I have a passion to support all Veterans, especially other Women Veterans. I describe myself as a "Change Agent of Hope" with a smile, a listening ear, and a non-judgmental way of communication. I have challenges, yes, but my challenges don't have me!


My Recovery Story

I depended on my faith to thrive in life and, long story short, I am now able to effectively share my lived experiences with others in an open and non-judgmental manner.

My Motivation To Help

As I began to offer support to others, I learned that the things that were affecting my life were not unique. I was able to put a name to the challenge and learned that others were experiencing similar challenges. I knew life could be better and began to learn what I needed to do.

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My Services

Professional Development (1:1)
Be the best Peer that you can be!