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Accepting New Connections

i create space through peer mentoring, yoga, & meditation for you to develop & follow your path to wellness, stability, & authenticity. the overall goals of my trauma-informed & somatic-based approach are to cultivate empowerment & community. the foundation of our work together is helping you connect to your body. as you learn to connect & trust your body, you can gain more confidence in yourself & begin to understand that you’re the only expert of your body & experiences.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Elliot


i’m a fat, white, autistic, atheist, agender, queer, disabled spoonie & singleton with adhd who strives to create safe spaces for joyful movement & practical stillness for all humans. i founded change.yoga, am anti-diet, & pro-self-empowerment. i live, practice, & teach with several chronic physical & mental illnesses including autoimmune & endocrine diseases, depression, anxiety, & suicidal thoughts.


Recovery Story

healing is a constant journey of learning & unlearning. after years of struggle, i've found some peace & i'd like to share it with you.

My Motivation To Help

throughout much of my life i felt alone so i work to make sure you know you're not. i also want to share the things i've learned so that you don't have to wait to discover them.

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