Kristen C.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Craving more support and encouragement, and need someone to listen who believes in your power to create and heal? My goal is to meet you where you are at. To offer personal, non-judgemental support as you share your life experience and feelings- to listen first (and with your permission & at your request,) encourage you to lean into life's challenges, connect with your body, and engage your creativity. Let’s connect, share stories, and set achievable goals! And if you are interested- explore healing through art and ritual, mindfulness and movement.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Kristen Curry


I am a Certified Peer Wellness Specialist, Certified Recovery Mentor, Creativity Coach and working artist living in Portland, OR. I believe in the healing power of connection, creativity, vulnerability and ritual, and I invite others to support their mental health and engage their creativity through workshops, and one on one peer support and mentorships. I have lived life experience navigating poverty, complex trauma, houselessness, and chronic pain/disability; and my greatest tools for resilience have been art making, art therapy, ritual, movement, breathwork, prioritizing beauty & connection to nature, and mutual aid. I am here to listen, offer support, and resources. My training includes: Peer Wellness Specialist (Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon) Trauma Informed Care (Center for Trauma Support Services, and MHHAO) Coaching, Herbalist Training (Arctos School of Botanical Studies) First Aid/CPR (American Red Cross) and am enrolled in Art Therapy Certification program.


My Recovery Story

Ultimately it was in leaning into discomfort, making space for my nervous system to heal, and ritualizing my experience with art and story (rather my desperate attempts to make the pain go away, or feel "normal") that I found healing. I actively work on embracing my shadow & practicing self compassion instead of judging myself with perfectionism . Any movement forward, any faced fear, any courageous try is better than feeling stagnant, stuck, and paralyzed. That's also why we need each other- to celebrate our small triumphs, and still be there when we fall and have to try again.

My Motivation To Help

Traditional Therapy and alternative healing modalities are not accessible as they should be, and are often cost- prohibitive. We all need wider circles of support, esp in these times. I have lived life experience being under-insured and under resourced, and want to make holistic mental health and recovery support more accessible. I wish I would have known about peer mentors and medical advocates as a resource much earlier on my journey, and I hope to offer the kind of care and support I desired myself. I also learn from you- and am inspired by my peer's journeys and perspectives.

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