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Hi! I am Pam.

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About Pam Coburn


I am a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. I live my best life while having the Diagnosis' of Major Depression Disorder, Persistent Depression Disorder, Generalized anxiety Disorder and ADHD. I have grown up with these challenges while navigating being different. I grew up as an adopted girl in a small New England town. I have had a varying background of life adventures and diversity. I consider my self bi-coastal having lived on the East Coast and the West coast multiple times in varying areas. I obtained higher education in San Francisco, CA and earned real life education across the United States. I began my path to peer recovery work unintentionally at an early age and it has remained a concurring theme through out my life. I became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist specializing in Emergency Peer Support since 2016.


My Recovery Story

Currently I am living my best life utilizing, talk therapy, medication and whole health.

My Motivation To Help

I have gone through it and know what its like to feel alone with how to deal with what comes up in life.

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