Donald Altemus

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Finding my own recovery path took me time and involved a bit of trial and error. I did not have the benefit of working with other peers on my own recovery until I was working as a Certified Peer Specialist. I began in a place where my doctor was advising me that I needed to accept never working again. That doctor was wrong and this example is why I look to you when it comes to decisions about your recovery. I am simply next to you and there for the journey.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Donald Altemus


Hello! I have been a Certified Peer Specialist in Pennsylvania since 2010. I am also a Certified Recovery Specialist and a Certified Recovery Specialist Supervisor. I believe in Self-Direction when supporting others.


Recovery Story

Recovery was tough in the beginning. Once I found that direction & began gaining momentum my world changed. Today I work FT, own a business & teach PT for Villanova University/

My Motivation To Help

Working with others allows me to keep recovery within my sight and attention. Helping others on their pathway helps me. I enjoy it and I have dedicated my life to this work.

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