Candace Alley

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Accepting New Connections

I am so excited to be sharing this peer support journey with each of you. If you are a peer supporter, then you know the struggles of life and do not need me to tell you, however…I will say this… Once you begin this healing and helping journey, you’ll soon find that you CAN become the person you want to be. It doesn’t have to be an impossible dream… not anymore.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Candace Alley


I was born into a dysfunctional family. From a very young age, I went through experiences that practically guaranteed me a life of addiction and using. The journey to healing wasn’t easy… it never is. But I took the time – and feelings of risk – to do the work I needed to do. I’m fully trained and certified in multiple trauma & addiction recovery modalities. And now, I’m living my best life, and helping amazing humans like you heal from the traumas and addictions that steal life away.


My Recovery Story

Today, I am living my best life! I own a couple or businesses, and I just want to share my story that anything you can dream of, you CAN achieve with hard work and dedication.

My Motivation To Help

I hit my rock bottom & took many years growing my personal toolkit & my personal support network. Then, in 2021, I decided to go all in on being the best peer supporter I could be.

My Chatrooms

Women Recovering Together

Members: 174

This group chat is a place for anyone that identifies as a female, that is seeking encouragement, peer to peer relationships, resources, support, and tools from and for other women in recovery. We are all recovering from something! Some of us are recovering from a Mental Health struggle, some a Substance Use concern, some are recovering from physical or medical concerns, others are recovering from multiple issues or co-occurring diagnoses, but no matter what you are recovering from, this is a non-judgemental zone where you will be accepted and appreciated for exactly who you are and where you are today! This chat does not promote one pathway of recovery over another, we support ALL pathways to recovery from the anonymous programs to any form of harm reduction. As a peer and professional coach, I focus on helping women overcome the complexities of understanding life after trauma. Many people do not realize that trauma doesn’t happen from any particular event, but rather now our brain processes an event, so you may or may not understand how you became a person that has experienced trauma and I am here to help you understand how and why your brain and mind works the way it does by helping you to understand how trauma affects the brain and what normal trauma responses are. Substance use, mental health diagnoses, many medical illnesses, and self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings are all trauma responses. This is a peer to peer space where we will work together in a supportive way and manner to help each of us navigate our day to day lives in our own desire and effort to live our best life and however that looks for each individual that chooses to be a member of this chat community. I will also post various support groups and group coaching offerings that you are doing that you are always welcome to join if they resonate with you.