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Happy to join you in your recovery journey. I want to hear both your struggles and successes. How are you feeling? What are your aspirations? I'm a Certified Peer Specialist in two states with experience working in a crisis stabilization unit for over a year and volunteering in the recovery community for over four years. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and an Anxiety Disorder four years ago before completing a hospitalization and outpatient program. I grew up with a lot of social anxiety and struggled with porn addiction. I have years of experience with 12-step recovery programs and seeing mental health professionals. I am trained in whole health and wellness as well as a digital peer support. I'm here to listen to you and partner with you on your goals. Outside my peer work I'm pursuing a Master's in Social Work. I lift weights and volunteer in the community. In my spare time I play an MMORPG with my identical twin brother.


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