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I think peer specialist can save lives, rebuild confidence, restart life. Having a mental health, life issue, or drug issue is no excuse for treating others poorly, get the help you deserve. Examples of what I offer include planning for a crisis, accessing health care, developing coping skills, identifying recovery goals & making a plan of action, developing self-care practices, identifying personal strengths and values, and listening during your journey in a non-judgmental manner. So, lets chat about how I can help you on your road to recovery. Schedule an appointment today.

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About Sadiyyah Young


I am a A.G.S. degree holder with emphasis in psychology and business. I am a licensed Certified Peer Specialist, WRAP Specialist. I have held past employment at mental health facilities, know the system and how to appeal negative decisions. I have over 10 years of solid experience dealing with optimistic drug addicts, mental health patients, and others in areas they want to recover in. My contracting work as a Certified Peer Specialist with Mental Health Partnerships at a Philadelphia location was done on the face-to-face basis yielding very effective results. I'm here online to say telehealth is just as effective. Delonte West who is a former NBA player and others are examples of the types of past clients I provided services to by way of my online presence and skills. I am only offering CERTIFIED PEER SPECIALIST SERVICES ON THIS HeyPeers.com WEBSITE PLATFORM. FYI- I am not an employee of any organization offering free services to the public on this platform, prices reflect my contracting fees for proven services I provide to the public. My hours of availability include M-F 12noon through 11:30PM and Sat & Sun 1PM through 10:30PM (emergency service options hours include M-F 11:30 PM through 7AM/ Sat & Sun 10:31 PM through 7AM). **To SET UP an appointment DAY AND TIME for a ZOOM MEETING or VOICE MEETING not shown on this HEYPEERS WEBSITE or to get my services without opening a HeyPeers account, visit MY BUSINESS WEBSITE AT https://sadiyyahdelores.wixsite.com/sadiyyahdelores/book-online - follow the directions to SEND AN EMAIL requesting an appointment. All scheduled sessions or groups on either website include guideline rules reading prior to session starting, any violators will be removed, and no refund of payments or donations will be given. Prices vary on the business website, HeyPeers.com is a discounted platform I offer for HeyPeers members only. ---Excluded days and times are major holidays unless scheduled for emergency services involving group session or 1:1 coaching session in advance.


Recovery Story

My lived experience includes being a recovery patient of experimental marijuana usage during my late high school/early college years, recovery patient of traumatic experiences involving police abuse.

My Motivation To Help

Anyone can recover with the right support systems as long as they are moldable to ideas on how successful recovery can be accomplished for them when they are ready to start a recovery/ get better journey. I encourage your ideas while joining you on your recovery journey.

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My Services

Licensed Certified Peer Specialist- Why, What, and How are you suffering from mental health illness?
Licensed Certified Peer Specialist- You and what you need my assistance with are the focus
Crash course on WRAP- Question and Answer, Intro Class
Crash courses on What, Why, and how a effective Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) can help you in your recovery journey.
Licensed Certified Peer Specialist- Emergency Services ONLY
Did you Hit a rough patch in the recovery journey?
Crash Course Coping Skills- Question and Answer, Intro Class
Coping Skills for everyday life
Crash course on mental health- Question and Answer, Intro Class
Crash course on peer support for mental health patients
Crash course on addictions- Question and Answer, Intro Class
Crash course to Peer Support for people with addictions.
Complete a WRAP today that's effective in your life recovery.
1:1 Individual Coaching- Assistance completing an effective Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
Licensed Certified Peer Specialist- WHAT, WHY, and HOW are you an Addict?
Licensed Certified Peer Specialist- You and what you need my assistance with are the focus