Crystal Judy

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hi, I’m a person in long term recovery trying to help others find their way. I’m a great listener with a lot of empathy and I’m drawn to supporting other’s while they do the hard work to heal. I’ll be open, honest, and will help you navigate resources to help you figure out your recovery pathway. I’ll give you my experience and provide resources and accountability. I encourage all pathways to recovery and will follow your plan. I hope you give yourself the opportunity to heal, you are worth it!

About Crystal Judy


My name is Crystal and I’ve been a Peer since 2016. I’m a person in long term recovery having just celebrated 8 years in June. I work as a peer supervisor during the day. I love to spend time with those who add value to my life, I’m learning reiki, and I have an adult son. My life is full! I love going to hear live music and beach days soothe my soul. I’ve had more fun in recovery than I ever had in my previous life. My life goal is to buy a van and travel…I’m working towards that now.


Recovery Story

My life has done a 180 degree change since I made a decision to invest in my recovery in 2014. I work for the government helping people just like me, I’ll be forever grateful.

My Motivation To Help

I’m in long term recovery and want to give back. I want to help others tap into their potential so they can heal themselves.

My Chatrooms