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Friends, I am on this recovery journey WITH you, whatever that specific recovery may be for you. I realize that we are all walking this path, although it may not be exactly the same path, I believe we are all heading towards the same common place....a place of peace and comfort. I am honored to be able to walk beside you.

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About Chasity Abendroth


Hi, I'm Chasity! I am from South Carolina and I am currently in recovery from PTSD, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Depression, Substance Use Disorder as well as a parent of an adult with Substance Use Disorder. I have had a 15 year career in EMS that sadly ended due to a back injury. I went back to college and earned an Associate's Degree in Human Services with the concentration of Addiction Counseling and Crisis Intervention. I then began working as a Perinatal Coordinator and Certified Peer Support Specialist in the behavioral health department of a rural health clinic. Right now, I am working on what I can do to help and serve others who are going through some of the similar things I have been through and am still working on today.


My Recovery Story

Currently in my own recovery, I am learning to overcome the result of my traumas, I am living mindfully with anxiety, and I am processing my grief and loss. I am climbing the ladder out of depression and I am receiving the help I need to recover as a parent of an adult with substance use disorder. I am going on 18 years of sobriety from alcohol and other drugs. It is a day by day discovery, and I am growing stronger and loving myself and life a little more each day.

My Motivation To Help

I want to help others who are struggling with PTSD, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Depression, Substance Use and Addiction because I believe having the support of a "peer" or someone that can empathize and meet you where you are and walk beside you as you journey through helps more than walking alone. I walked alone for so long until I found the support of those that have walked with me. It gave me strength and motivation to continue on and not just sit down in the middle of the road and give up. That's what I want to do for others as it has been done for me.

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