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Welcome! 💖 Let's talk about mental health under capitalism (especially depression and anxiety), trauma and healing, body image from a Health at Every Size perspective, LGBTQIA issues, religious deconstruction, making friends and building community, activism and burnout, toxic relationships agoraphobia and recovering from isolation, homeschooling recovery, or anything else that's on your mind!

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About Amanda Lee


I'm Amanda! I'm 29 and diagnosed with type I bipolar disorder. I'm currently applying to grad school to get my MA in positive psychology and intend to get my doctorate after that. I grew up in a strict Evangelical environment and was homeschooled K-12, which has shaped a lot of my worldview. I love songwriting, the outdoors, and doing research. I identify as agender/nonbinary; I'm queer and my pronouns are they/she. I believe wellbeing is possible for everyone!


My Recovery Story

The things that helped the most with recovery were getting on the right medication, finding a somatic and trauma-oriented therapist, and prioritizing a positive community.

My Motivation To Help

It took 7 years of therapy and psychiatry to get my diagnosis, so I've been THROUGH it.

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