Del Mar

Organization Trained Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hey, let's connect! Tell me how I can support you or we can figure it out together. I'm always down to be a listening ear. I am especially here for Black and brown people and queer and trans folx! This is a non-judmental space and I commit to not offering advice unless you ask for it. Hit me up friend :)


About Del Mar


I am a Black, queer nonbinary person holding space for others on their path to self-determination. I am an unschooling parent, artist, writer, herbalist, and organizer practicing and building abolitionist cultures of care with my kindred. Some of the frameworks for my work include disability justice, healing justice, trauma stewardship, Afro-indigenous healing modalities, mad liberation, and anti-oppression.


My Recovery Story

In my experience, healing has been nonlinear. On my journey to self-determination, I've faced many barriers. Now, I have a lifestyle that I have fully chosen and a support network.

My Motivation To Help

My work is focused on alleviating suffering for the most marginalized people. Because I've been there and I want to be the person I needed at the time.

My Chatrooms