Janelle Harding

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hey! I know there is no special magical button. But recovery is possible. I want you to know that recovery is simply making a choice to be a better person and make better decisions every day.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Janelle Harding


Hello I am Janelle. A 32 year old mother, peer support specialist, mentally health warrior and sobriety warrior. I have lived a busy life and I have gained endless wisdom throughout the years.


My Recovery Story

Recover for me was not linear at all. But through all of that I am proud to say I'm excelling at helping others and I have a family home.

My Motivation To Help

I want to help others because I truly want to be the advocate and support that I wished I had in the beginning of my journey.

My Chatrooms

Visually impaired

Members: 2

This is a place to sit and openly discuss the challenges of navigating recovery while building your new life as blind/visually impaired.

Church and mental health

Members: 8

This is a safe place to discuss the pain and the positivity concerning religion and mental health. I am an ordained minister who is in addiction and mental health recovery.

The line between partner and caregiver

Members: 2

This is a safe space for people to discuss the struggle with being a caregiver to the person you are dating and or married to.