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Having a hard time with all these....feelings? I get it. I understand how difficult it can be to feel hopeless and overwhelmed with all the pressures of sobriety, not knowing if there is really this light on the other side. THERE IS. It's just having the support and guidance to help you find it. It helps so much having someone who has been where you are, to help you share ideas and give no judgement, honest support.

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About Samantha Weldon


I am a grateful person in long term recovery. My sobriety date is Oct. 8, 2019. I am here to help you remember that there IS life after addiction, and help you navigate your way to a healthy, happy, sober life. I am currently working at an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center, have lived in women's transitional housing for over two years, and have resources to share. I work the 12-steps of AA, but attend every pathway of recovery because I can always learn and share anywhere.


My Recovery Story

I am living a beautiful life through my sobriety and have so much love and knowledge to share.

My Motivation To Help

Without the ones who came before me to teach me, guide me, and support me, I would not be sober today. I want to give back and share my experience, strength, and hope with you.

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Staying Sober(Struggling with sobriety pressures)

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This is a group chat for anyone who needs a safe place to discuss what they're going through in their sober journey. Praise reports are super welcome also.


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All Recovery Addiction Support
All Recovery Addiction Support