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About Victoria Pederson


I am a Nevada State Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Domestic Violence Advocate. I am currently in the process of earning my bachelor's degree in Behavioral Health Science with an Emphasis on Substance Use. I am personally in recovery, live with bipolar disorder and PTSD, and am a domestic violence survivor. I feel all the chaos that was my life has prepared me for my purpose; helping others heal and grow. I can assist with addiction recovery, basic skills such as budgeting and planning, work with individuals to manage their mental health, and provide general support for those in need.


My Recovery Story

Three years ago I went through a lot of life changes and I realized that the drugs were not helping like I had thought they were. I have slipped once, but I put myself back on track and took accountability. Life now compared to during my active addiction is so much better. I have my own apartment, I do work I thoroughly enjoy, and I have the trust and support of my family again.

My Motivation To Help

So, my favorite TedTalk is called "Everything We Know About Addiction is Wrong" and honestly everyone should watch it. Somehow, I had come across this video while I was homeless, hardly seeing my children, and making excuses to continue my drug use. This video, and the support of a peer that I hold in very high regard, helped bring me to the realization that I indeed was an addict and needed help. The message of that TedTalk is a simple one, but powerful, and is my motivation. "The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection."

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Sobriety Can Be Fun Too

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Learn how to have fun in recovery and make life enjoyable again! Give and receive advice and ideas to help make the most of your free time in recovery.


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Rebuilding After Addiction
Personalized recovery planning
A place to share and be heard

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