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I am here to openly listen to your thoughts, feelings, anxieties, goals, fears, etc.

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About Alan (They/Them)


Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ my name is Alan Vreeland (they/them/we/us). Meditation and practicality, these are my favorite tools for living with anxiety and my perceptions. Earlier in my life, these things were the means of my hospitalization, now they are material that I mold with every day. Some days feel like playdoh, dry bricks, or water; emotionally squishy, abrasive, or unable to get a grip. Peer support has become vital in my life not simply because I do this for a living, rather it's something worth living for, worth providing, meaning, and purpose. Peer support has given me the chance to create a life worth enjoying and I wish to facilitate the space for others to do their own journey. I don't know your path, and I would be honored to join you traveling it.


Recovery Story

This past year I got my first car and driverโ€™s license. I thought I never would have achieved that in my life. All that and way more, thanks to peer support.

My Motivation To Help

I'm motivated to help because peer support has consistently pulled me back onto my recovery path. Peer support keeps me inspired to keep pushing forward. Recovery is Real!

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