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About Toniann


Certified CRPS-A, Given 500+ Mental Health Speeches about my story having been suffered from struggles with addiction and mental health, Volunteer with NAMI (Nations largest grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of people/persons living with Mental Illness), BA: Public Administration/Public Management, Minor: Criminal Justice, 2+* years certified in peer support with continued education and on the job experience*.


Recovery Story

Currently, I have a team of support that helps me be the greatest version of my self. This includes doctors, and "talk therapy", and medications plus, regular "coping" strategies, we can all* utilize.

My Motivation To Help

After struggling and dealing with ups and downs since birth, I found serenity in helping others and getting people to a path of recovery. I've dealt with image, mental, physical, emotional, and personal, plus legal and non-transparent situations* that has helped build me to become a more educated and stable person today!

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