Pixie Lillie

Organization Trained Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

No matter what you are going through you will overcome. No matter where you are or how many times you have to start over at least you are trying no one is perfect & mistakes are meant to be made they can be fixed & you can start over. Be about it the positive change in your life so that you can give back one day & pay it forward also

Willing to help others find local resources

About Pixie Lillie


Love helping people and getting to know people of all walks of life. Problem solving strategic planning under pressure stressful situations. There is nothing I can't handle no problem too big or small. A lyricist at heart with a poetic soul.


Recovery Story

Recovery is not easy nor one size fits all Its hard work There many ways to overcome. Be honest with yourself open your heart mind body soul Life is good dig it

My Motivation To Help

Take it one day at a time Start small Keep it simple You can do it You are not alone Even though you feel broken you just haven't been found yet. Go find yourself

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