Alex Thixton

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Hi, my name is Alex, and I know that support can look like a lot of things-- I am here to laugh with you, talk to you about what's going on, teach you some new skills, or just virtually be present with you. I'm all about self-determination, and I am here to help you with that process.

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About Alex Thixton


I'm an Oregon-certified Peer Support Specialist, and I have worked in the field for just under four years now. As a peer, I've done everything from making D&D characters with people to training them on DBT skills; different things work for everyone! As a non-binary person with ADHD and chronic pain, I am definitely familiar with the fact that mental health, a life well-lived, and "what works" can look totally different for everyone, and I love working with people to figure out how to get there.


Recovery Story

Dealing with a mix of bipolar disorder, ADHD, and a toxic home life, I had a really tough time entering young adulthood. I felt totally hopeless and helpless, and things came to a head with an inpatient mental health stay following a string of intense manic episodes. After that, there was a slow but steady process of regular therapy, finding meds that worked for me, and figuring out how to live a life I wanted to live. Now, I've built a life for myself I really love, and although things are difficult sometimes, I am much better equipped to deal with it than I was before.

My Motivation To Help

I love the flexibility in peer support, and the inherent transparency in it; the biggest turning points in my treatment were with providers who chose to self-disclose their mental health conditions to me and in peer support groups, in large part because I got to see that I wasn't the only person in the world who felt like I did and that there was a future outside of where I was. If I can give even a little bit of that to someone else-- or even just make them laugh for a little while, or feel supported-- that means so much to me.

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