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About Holly Sharer


I've been a peer support specialist since 2018 when I started to use my lived experience with a mental health diagnosis to help others and raise awareness to the fact that mental challenges doesn’t mean ignoring your dreams and aspirations. I like to think I am very supportive + vibrant. I've helped and advocated a diversity of people - I'm good at channeling as I have the ability to understand people.


My Recovery Story

Back in 2017, I got out of a bad relationship with my daughter + I went to see a therapist who diagnosed me with PTSD, severe depression + anxiety. It took me so long to recover from them because I didn't have a support system until I started working as a Peer Support Specialist to the point where I grew a lot. It helped me heal in many ways. I was also diagnosed with ADHD, so I was looking for the right tools because I didn't receive any upbringing. I want to make sure people have access to tools/resources.

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for those who struggle with mental health challenges due to disability that hasn't been accepted in the eyes of the society and for those who have experienced the rejection.