Brittney B.

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Accepting New Connections

As someone who suffered with mental health difficulties, I know what it feels like to struggle and feel like there's no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Having gone through those experiences has taught me that we all need love, support and understanding - and knowing that we're not alone can make a huge difference when times are tough. I look forward to sharing that love, support, & understanding with you.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Brittney B.


a mom’s mom🍼 a veteran’s veteran🇺🇸 a player’s coach🏀 a student’s teacher📚 a follower’s leader 🫶🏼🙏🏼 IG: brittney_of_art


My Recovery Story

For the past four years, life has been a beautifully balanced journey. Every day I share gratitude for God, family, chosen family, support groups, & life in my body, spirit, & mind.

My Motivation To Help

I remember all too well how it felt to be in the depths of darkness. Those moments where life seemed like a never-ending cycle of fear, anxiety, depression & hopelessness. The thing that kept me going at my lowest points was knowing that somewhere out there, someone who cared was thinking of me and holding on to hope for me which explained why I’m so passionate about helping others in the mental health community who have gone through similar experiences.

My Chatrooms

Walking in Faith-Christian Support Group

Members: 25

Walking in Faith is a group for people who want to work on their recovery through His word & connect with others who are walking on a similar path. This is a non-denominational group. Come as you are.


My Services

1:1 Coaching
Individual sessions based on your needs.

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Friday, February 10