Brittney B.

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As someone who suffered in agony and in secret with mental health difficulties, I know what it feels like to struggle and feel like there's no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Having gone through those experiences taught me how much I can depend on God to provide in times where I had no idea where my life was heading. His Spirit, love, support and understanding can and will make a world's difference when times are tougher than tough. I look forward to sharing that love, support, community & understanding with you.

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a follower’s leader 🫶🏼🙏🏼 a mom’s mom🍼 a veteran’s veteran🇺🇸 a player’s coach🏀 a student’s teacher📚 AmericanResilienceTeam.org IG: brittney_of_art


My Recovery Story

For the past four years, life has been a beautifully balanced journey. Every day I share gratitude for God, family, chosen family, support groups, & life in my mind, body, and the Spirit.

My Motivation To Help

I remember all too well how it felt to be in the depths of darkness. Those moments where life seemed like a never-ending cycle of fear, anxiety, depression & hopelessness. One thing that helped me find comfort at my lowest points was knowing that I am loved by God, and He loved me first. Because I felt his healing hands and love, I want to share that with the rest of the world for the rest of my life.

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