Chance Daniel

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I came to HeyPeers from Support Groups Central, where I led groups on mood disorders, anxiety, and addiction. I developed the SGC Anxiety Support Group, now offered on HeyPeers. I formerly served as a moderator for Emotions Anonymous, leading groups based on the 12-Step recovery model. I am formerly an Active Listener at 7 Cups - 7cups.com/@DrumDude where I counseled over 3000 individuals with a range of health challenges and life issues. I also draw on my own experience with emotional and physical health issues, as well as several decades of Buddhist, mindfulness, and meditation practice.

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About Chance Daniel


Hello to all! I am a Certified Life Coach and Peer Support Specialist. My area of specialty is working with folks coping with health challenges, whether physical, emotional, or mental, as well as folks coping with life challenges such as loneliness/isolation, family/relationship issues, grief/mourning/loss, financial hardship, or the world situation -- including Covid, environmental disasters, political chaos -- anything that makes you feel overwhelmed... Many find it helpful to talk to someone who understands from shared lived experience, and can offer support through compassionate listening, reflections, feedback, and suggestions, as suits your needs.


My Recovery Story

I've faced many difficult physical and emotional challenges in my life, at times questioning if I could continue. I do not view recovery in terms of goals and destinations. I believe there is an ebb and flow to our journey. I seek to grow, to become a more compassionate person, and to treat all with kindness, including myself.

My Motivation To Help

I hold deep gratitude for those who have been there for me in my time of need. I am motivated to give back and offer service in any way I can.

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