Make a Difference in the lives of Others

HeyPeers is a vibrant community of Independent and Organization-Based Peer Supporters providing assistance to individuals who are seeking help from those with similar life experiences.

Virtual peer support is a preferred option for many people that want to avoid public stigma, have challenges with attending fixe meeting sites, and prefer to connect with others from the comfort of their own home.


It takes times and training to become skillfull providing peer support, and just like any field, you deserve the opportunity to be compensated for your expertise.

Earn Income as a Peer Supporter

We provide trained Peer Supporters the opportunity to earn additional income by leading support groups or individual coaching sessions on our platform on their own schedules. We provide tools, such as private chatrooms, scheduling automation, and in-platform connections to help you build your peer supporter business.

Help Others Regain Hope
Enable Others to Set Meaningful Goal
Provide Information on Helpful Resources
Help Lift Others with Insights and Support

Benefits of being a Peer Supporter on HeyPeers

Volunteer or earn additional income by using your lived experience and training to help others


Supplement your income at a higher hourly rate while setting your own hours.

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Thousands of members in the HeyPeers community eager to connect.

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Be recruited by organizations searching for Peer Supporters to host support group services.

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To ensure the quality of support offered on the HeyPeers marketplace, we require training and proof of expertise from all peer supporters

Eligibility Requirements

Must be Adult (18+)

To be eligible to be a Peer Supporter, you must be at least 18 years old and agree to terms participation.

Certification or License Required

All Peer Supporter applications are reviewed and approved by HeyPeers staff.

Public Profile

Once you have been approved, your profile will be public and appear in our Peer Support Directory.


Earn Revenue as Peer Supporter

Hosting free meeting can be a good way to let prospective peers get comfortable with you and interested in your meeting.

If you are offering a program that has multiple meetings, allow users to attend the first session for free, but chatge for the remaining sessions in the series.

Find a price that is easy for attendees. 8 attendees at $5 is better than 1 at $29.

Give attendees more value than the cost of the meeting.


Your support can change lives.

Ready to help others?