Delivers Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

  • Reduces healthcare costs - fewer hospitalization admissions, inpatient days, and overall costs
  • Improves care utilization and satisfaction - positive impact on engagement experience and satisfaction with services and support
  • Delivers benefits to a wide range of conditions - Applicable for behavioral health, addiction, and many types of physical health/chronic disease treatment and recovery programs

How Peer Support works


Group and 1-on-1 Conversations

After registering on HeyPeers, find peer support groups or individual coaching sessions that match your needs or interests. You can then connect with trained supporters and coaches and register to join their meetings from any device. Peer support meetings and individual coaching are offered on a wide range of topics at pre-scheduled times or on-demand.


The Right Support, Anytime

Easy support for behavioral health, chronic illness and rare disease sufferers and their caregivers. Connect people in rural or urban locations. Conveniently connect from the comfort of your home.


Share What's Comfortable

Participate anonymously or with full visibility to ensure everyone can share in a way that is best for them.


Extend Peer Support Access

Hey Peers provides flexible peer support access for those that have difficulty attending site-based support sessions.


Remove barriers to Peer Support!

The first virtual, on-demand and dedicated peer-to-peer support app.

A safe, no barrier opportunity for people to receive help regardless of their geographical or financial situation.

Enable existing peer support groups to expand access to those that are not able to attend sessions at a fixed location (replaces or complements in-locations sessions).

Measures outcomes, attendee experience, and service quality.



We provide review and rating tools that help ensure that we deliver the highest quality peer support meetings, coaches, and facilitators. Feedback is always anonymous and we just report overall average ratings to the HeyPeers community.



Use the premium subscription tools to track your mood and keep a journal. Gentle nudge reminders will help measure your progress and pinpoint the things that can propel you forward.

Highest Quality Support

Our chat and video support meetings are hosted and led by certified, licensed or organizationally sponsored peer supporters. We monitor peer supporter reviews and any reported concerns about other peers to ensure that users receive the best experience.

Safe and Confidential

What is said on HeyPeers, stays on HeyPeers. You choose what you want to tell us about yourself and what you share with others. Unlike social media platforms, we don’t sell information about our users.