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DBSA Exeter NH Chatroom

Members: 18

Winter Blues

Talk about feeling down during the winter

Members: 21

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

The MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat Room was created to support Maryland peers within the workforce.

Members: 17

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Discussion

A safe place for people to talk openly about blood pressure and circulation issues and how they effect mental and physical health.

Members: 14

BPD - Living in the grey

Living in the grey.

Members: 9

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

Members: 37

Fun ideas

Let's get together and discuss some fun activities

Members: 15



Members: 13

Female Veteran Support

This is a group for female Veterans to connect, seek, and offer support. Do not join this group unless it applies to you. This is a public group so you could find it, but we can always create a private chat/support group as well. Connect with me for additional support or questions.

Members: 5

Bipolar I, II Schizophrenia,Borderline personality disorder support chat.

a place for support and chat. one on one sessions offered for free first time clients only. Sliding scale fees available to those with limited income.

Members: 5

Working While Receiving SSI or SSDI

Wondering how working affects your benefits? I am a Certified Work Incentives Practitioner trained by Cornell University's Institute on Employment and Disability.

Members: 22

SMART Recovery information

I’ve been asked for information about what SMART Recovery is. The first link is a short brief video description.The second has much more detail. There are tons of videos on YouTube. Smart Recovery links Brief Intro The Best of SMART: The Tools (longer video)

Members: 2

attachment disorder/adoption trauma

For those that struggle with being adopted and have attachment disorder. you are not alone. The feelings are normal and are mixed about things lets help each other through this and learn to grow.

Members: 45

WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Learn about WRAP and how it can be an effective tool to take your recovery to the next level.

Members: 102

Judaism and Mental Health

Using Jewish values to help with mental health recovery.

Members: 23

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)-Veteran

Join this group to connect with other people that are struggling in this area just like you. Do not enter this group unless this topic applies to you or you are looking for support for someone else.This is a public group so you could find it, but I suggest not sharing in detail unless you feel comfortable. If we get a group that is interested, we can start a private chat/group. Connect with me for additional support or questions.

Members: 9

safe talk space

Safe space to talk about it all...

Members: 4

Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery

Are you dealing with both of these challenges? Come get support from others who have more than one diagnosis, and learn how we are beginning to recover!

Members: 80

Mania and Spirituality

A place where we can discuss, share, and explore the relationship between mania and spirituality.

Members: 57

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 9

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