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Anxiety Support Group - LGBT

Designed for members interested in Anxiety Support Groups specific to the queer community.

Members: 147

Eating Disorder Recovery

This group chat is for those who are in recovery from an eating disorder and their families. I am here to provide lived experience and encouragement to all who are on this journey.

Members: 172

Working While Receiving SSI or SSDI

Wondering how working affects your benefits? I am a Certified Work Incentives Practitioner trained by Cornell University's Institute on Employment and Disability.

Members: 53

I am a mosaic in the making

What is one thing about you that you are proud of today? What is one thing that you are grateful for?

Members: 4

Family and friends

A follow up chat for family and friends with a mental illness

Members: 5

Neurodivergent Parents

This is a chat space for anyone who is autistic and/or neurodivergent and also a parent. A space primarily to connect and support each other.

Members: 13

LGBTQIA+++ Mental Health Support Chat

This is a space where all queers can come and be held in witnessing as we see what type of support/community care is needed. Giving spaciousness to conversations around mental health, support, copying strategies, resources etc.

Members: 30

Dealing With Anger - This Chat Is Intended For Further Discussion Of In Group Discussion / Slides / Notes

Group for participants of "Dealing With Anger" support Group on Mondays at 9AM (PST)

Members: 53

Daily Check Ins - Mental Health Support

Need to talk to someone? This chat will offer confidential warm and emotional support for non-emergencies with a mental health professional. Through my lived experienced with mental health and certified training I will share insight, support and encouragement. This group chat is open Monday - Friday for check-ins between the hours of 10:00AM-12:00PM and 4:00PM-6:00PM EST

Members: 85

Addiction Recovery - Hosted by NC Peer Supporter

Creating a space for individuals with short and long-term addiction recovery. Encouraging everyone to share their journey in a stigma-free space. With an open-minded attitude to hearing about multiple methods of recovery.

Members: 25

Lori's Follow-up Group Chat

Follow-up from Lori's Groups where the conversation may not have been completed, post questions that may not have been asked in group, get a little extra support or simply vent. This group is not monitored 24/7 by a facilitator and reply's will be based on group participation.

Members: 62

mental health + disability

for those who struggle with mental health challenges due to disability that hasn't been accepted in the eyes of the society and for those who have experienced the rejection.

Members: 30

Rosemary's Peer Support Chat Room

This is a place to connect with me for support, information, and community.

Members: 101

Corey's Hey Peers Facilitator Group Chat

Ask questions and get to know me! I currently co-facilitate two WUN groups and I just started an LGBTQ+ Mental Health Support Group.

Members: 30

WRAP - Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Learn about WRAP and how it can be an effective tool to take your recovery to the next level.

Members: 165

Valerie's Catizone HPC Facilitator Chat Group

Hello EVERYONE, If you need a place to talk, vent, cry, laugh, or just be yourself then this is the place for you. I offer support and encouragement for Eating Disorders, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Grief and more through the group chat, support groups and individual sessions. Please message me if you have any questions. Welcome.

Members: 833

Art Heals

Share your art-poetry, paintings, music, etc. How does art help you?

Members: 98

Walking in Faith-Christian Support Group

Walking in Faith is a group for people who want to work on their recovery through His word & connect with others who are walking on a similar path. This is a non-denominational group. Come as you are.

Members: 25

Dealing with Relationship Challenges - This Chat Is Intended For Further Discussion Of In Group Discussion / Slides / Notes

Group chat is designed for the "Dealing with Relationship Challenges" support group on Wednesdays at 9AM (PST)

Members: 93

New Members - Connect with Our Staff

This chat group is monitored by our Co-Founder and CEO Vince Caimano and other senior staff. We would be very pleased to offer you a personal welcome and answer any questions you may have.

Members: 634

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