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Domestic violence

Members: 54

Saving Me

This group chat is for parents who have a mental illness and have a child or children with special needs.

Members: 14

DBSA Exeter NH Chatroom

Members: 17

Pine County Connect - Minnesota

Members: 7

Judaism and Mental Health

Using Jewish values to help with mental health recovery.

Members: 17

Autism spectrum disorder support group

For people with asd or people who know someone with asd.

Members: 19

Military Veteran Caregiver Network Chat #caregiverchannel

Members: 9

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

Let's explore what balance looks like, define a few things that block us, and a few that will accelerate us toward a balanced life.

Members: 76

PMDD/PME Support

This group is for anyone living with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) or premenstrual exacerbation (PME).

Members: 2

Left Handed Thinking

Please contact me if you would like to learn how to become ambidextrous in your thinking.

Members: 22

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

The MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat Room was created to support Maryland peers within the workforce.

Members: 16

Winter Blues

Talk about feeling down during the winter

Members: 19

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Discussion

A safe place for people to talk openly about blood pressure and circulation issues and how they effect mental and physical health.

Members: 9

Supporting Mamas Chat Room

A safe space for women who wish to connect with other women in pregnancy and/or postpartum and discuss the emotional aspects of motherhood, including but not limited to pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, birth trauma, infertility, miscarriage, infant loss in a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment. This chat is facilitated by a Supporting Mamas peer admin. Hate speech, or any verbal attacks based on religion, race, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Please be kind and listen and respond with humility and respect.

Members: 54

MPAC Peer 2 Peer Chat

Members: 36

Brain Injury Support

This chat room is available for individuals to discuss challenges, changes, and triumphs after brain injury.

Members: 7

Fun ideas

Let's get together and discuss some fun activities

Members: 10

Special Education Advocacy

Ask the experts about how to be a successful advocate for your child in school K-12.

Members: 6

Mania and Spirituality

A place where we can discuss, share, and explore the relationship between mania and spirituality.

Members: 54

Nurturing Parenting Group

This is for those who have participated in the Nurturing Parenting Classes/Workshops. Additional information will be given in the chatroom to ensure that participants receive all of the Nurturing Parenting materials.

Members: 12

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