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Visually impaired

This is a place to sit and openly discuss the challenges of navigating recovery while building your new life as blind/visually impaired.

Members: 2

Stress and Anxiety: NO COVID please

A group for those who want to talk about everyday life and consistent stressors without mention of COVID-19.

Members: 225

Chronic Pain Chat

This group chat is for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. Back/spinal pain, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, limb pain, rheumatism, etc. However or wherever you deal with chronic pain in your body, join us to discuss the ways it affects us and the challenges it presents in our lives.

Members: 139

Anxiety Support Chat Room (ASCR)

This group is for anyone struggling with anxiety disorders: phobias, social anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, excessive worry or any other issues with anxiety.All peers and peer supporters are welcome to join. We have a no solicitation/no promotion policy for peer supporters.

Members: 777

An Unquiet Mind - Bipolar Group Chat

A place for those with bipolar disorder to discuss with and support each other.

Members: 278

Art Heals

Share your art-poetry, paintings, music, etc. How does art help you?

Members: 25

Staying Sober(Struggling with sobriety pressures)

This is a group chat for anyone who needs a safe place to discuss what they're going through in their sober journey. Praise reports are super welcome also.

Members: 5

depression and anxiety battles

Members: 817

Caregiver Daily Check in/Dementia Awareness

Sharing your caregiver's journey.

Members: 1

Public Depression Chat

Members: 381

Domestic violence

Members: 116

safe talk space

Safe space to talk about it all...

Members: 131

Valerie's Catizone HPC Facilitator Chat Group

Hello EVERYONE, If you need a place to talk, vent, cry, laugh, or just be yourself then this is the place for you. I offer support and encouragement for Eating Disorders, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Grief and more through the group chat, support groups and individual sessions. Please message me if you have any questions. Welcome.

Members: 788

Working While Receiving SSI or SSDI

Wondering how working affects your benefits? I am a Certified Work Incentives Practitioner trained by Cornell University's Institute on Employment and Disability.

Members: 44

Anxiety & Depression Support for Men & Women

This chat thread is for anyone experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Let's work through it together!

Members: 36

Self Love and Creative Coping for Women

As women we face many struggles and often times we have a lot on our backs. This is a safe place to vent and find nonjudgmental support in addition to discovering creative ways to love yourself.

Members: 3

Scripture for the Dark Days

This chat is intended to provide inspirational scripture for Christian individuals on a daily basis. It is also open for any discussion about how any verse in the Bible has inspired you in your journey. It is a place of love and support.

Members: 1

Get It Done When You're Depressed (GIDWYD)

This chat is for anyone interested in Get It Done When You’re Depressed: 50 Strategies for Keeping Your Life on Track By Julie A. Fast and John D. Preston, and working through the book in our weekly meetings hosted by Diana and Chance.

Members: 391

DBT Peer Support Chat

This group is for peer support and questions about the skills. I have been using DBT for the past 10 years and love sharing how it helps.

Members: 47

Diana Babcock's HPC facilitator Chat Group

A place to connect, ask questions, share ideas, support each other

Members: 242

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