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We offer peer support groups, one to one coaching, and private chat rooms where you can find meetings and conversations that can help you on your journey.



Our chat rooms are confidential places to interact with others who can provide support and encouragement. Each chat room is led by a trained Peer Supporter.

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Join video meetings where you can talk with a small group of peers that are dealing with similar issues. Our meetings are confidential, and include password protection and the option of joining anonymously. Each meeting is facilitated by a trained Peer Supporter.

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Our Peer Supporters offer a wide range of life experiences … search and connect with one that can meet your needs.

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Find and subscribe to an organization that helps like you.Checkout the meetings and chatrooms they offer.

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Why HeyPeer works?

We believe that seeking help should be simple, comfortable, safe and familiar. HeyPeers is our way of making that belief a reality. It is a video and chatroom app that allows people to join support discussions with others who are on similar life journey.The conversations and meetings are provided or led by qualified peers.Every user can browse, join or schedule peer support connection anytime, anywhere from any device.

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