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Accepting New Connections

Hi to all my older adult peers and our allies. As of 6/27/22 We are beginning a new mutual peer support venture with Tall Giraffes as our beginning title.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Todd Trautner


I am looking forward to enjoying the creation of collaborative peer support groups on the Hey Peers platform. I am a child of nature who loves to spend time in wild places, especially, while floating down rivers on extended expeditions. I have both western U.S. and mid-west roots with the past 30 years spent living and working in Oregon. My educational background is in Outdoor Education with emphasis on Wilderness Leadership, Environmental Studies and Emergency Medicine. I live as an older adult with the unique cognitive diversity typically and sometimes callously categorized as ADD / ADHD. I was labeled with Adult ADD at age 47 and I have independently educated myself about living in today's linear society and now have healthier perspectives about my ADD than do the world of clinicians practicing Western Psychology tend to have. I love my cognitive gifts and continue to grow and learn accordingly.


My Recovery Story

I live as an older adult with unique cognitive diversity typically categorize callously as ADD / ADHD. I see my ADD as a gift.

My Motivation To Help

A Brief Description of CPS (Common Peer Support): CPS is two or more individuals working cooperatively for common goals.

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