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About Melanie Scott


I am a CPSS working with Wellness in the Woods in Minnesota as a Peer Support Connection. Though I am currently residing in western Minnesota I was born and raised in Maryland. I have also lived in Virginia, Texas and North Dakota. I am a mother and grandmother. I have an ESA cat named Crystal. I have struggled through my life essentially alone and am hoping to prevent others from having to feel they are without support. As much as I love the anonymity of working the warmline I want to grow


Recovery Story

I'm a survivor of physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuses. I have overcome homelessness and abandonment. I am focused on moving forward by staying preset.

My Motivation To Help

Everything I have survived I have had to survive with minimal help if any. I always felt I was/ had to do things on my own. I don't want anyone to feel that way.

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