Caren Sumption

Certified Peer Supporter

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Hi, peers! I'm Caren. I'm a passionate advocate and love connecting people with resources.

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About Caren Sumption


I'm a writer and activist, specializing in peer group for BIPOC (particularly for folks who come from cultures resistant to behavioral health treatment), Autists, and folks with Borderline Personality Disorder. I believe strongly in skill building, in the power of community, and kicking down the walls of stigma. I have more than 5 years experience as a peer. I'm certified in Washington state (and I am also a certified Civilian Victim Advocate and Community Health Worker).


My Recovery Story

I've been in recovery for decades, though it's an ongoing process, with constant course correction. I was initially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, though that dx changed to Autism, PTSD, and anxiety.

My Motivation To Help

I was finally diagnosed with Autism at 48 years of age, so I'm super motivated to work with late/adult diagnosed Autists.

My Chatrooms

Autistic adults

Members: 13

A place for autistic adults (self-diagnosed welcome!) to chat about staying healthy, balanced, and to connect with others. Family and friends welcome, but autistic voices are centered here.

My Services

Capacity building for adult autistics
skill building, coaching, and support for autistic adults