Carrie M.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

It would be my honor to be allowed to walk beside you on your journey and to help you to see the beauty and magic of what it really is. The current evolutionary uprising of the planet, the struggles and challenges presented to us are immense and many. I can help you wake up to the knowledge of you how truly powerful and magnificent you REALLY are to combat them. I've been there and done that-throughout it all though, I have gained the strength and knowledge needed to show other's the path out.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Carrie Morrison


After a near death experience, in 2016, I was blessed to embark on what has been both the most excruciating, and yet wonderous, journey I could have ever imagined. In 7/2016, I found myself in an alcohol induced, 9-day long coma, near systemic organ failure. It was a long road to getting well, I sat in the quiet for an entire year. It was within that silence though, that I discovered who I really was and that I was here to do something of purpose and importance. That something was Peer Support.


My Recovery Story

Recovery is both the most gratifying, illuminating process one can go through and the most painfully raw, horrific experience I have ever looked forward to enduring-no matter what.

My Motivation To Help

My motivation to help is an innate, soul purpose for me. To provide that glimpse of hope to those in need of remembering how truly amazing they really are is irreplaceable to me.

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My Services

30 min 1:1 Meet & Greet Session
Quick, 30 min Opportunity for Introductions
Late Nite Support- sessions from 9pm PST-2am PST daily
Are you finding the night time to be extra hard?