Cindy Mccarty

Accepting New Connections

Hi. I am honored to join an elite group of unique individuals who can assist others on their road to recovery for mental illness. I have long term recovery for Bipolar Depression with anxiety.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Cindy Mccarty


I am a US Navy Veteran with many years in long term recovery for mental illness. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and guiding them on their pathway to recovery.


My Recovery Story

I am in long term recovery with nearly 20 years since my last hospitalization. I faced many years of misdiagnosis as i and my health care team struggled to get me stable from Bipolar Depression with anxiety. I decided to become a Peer Support Specialist after I received help from a team of them. CPSS are a unique group of individuals who can relate to others with mental illnesses when others can not. My goal is working with fellow veterans.

My Motivation To Help

I feel honored to help others onto their own unique paths of recovery. I love working with veterans as I can relate to the lifestyle we swore to uphold. I find helping people from all walks of life achieve their own goals and achieve wellness vary rewarding. Every person deserves a helping hand.

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