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Hi Everyone, My passion is Mental Health. I love being a Peer Supporter. I live with BPD, Anxiety and Depression and Suicide. I believe only someone who has walked in our shoes really understands and can relate to what I deal with each and every day. I really enjoy helping people and believe this work is my calling.

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About Sarah (She/Her)


I am a certified Peer Supporter by the State of New York. I also am a certified trainer in Digital Peer Support. I have volunteered @ my local library. I also am on the Department of Psychiatry Advisory Council of Consumers for a local hospital. Plus anyone who knows me knows I want to learn and grow all the time.


Recovery Story

Recovery is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. But I always get better if I choose to work it. I am such a better happier person because of it as well.

My Motivation To Help

I enjoy seeing and being apart of someone's growth and helping to make the world a better place.

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To give and receive support. We don't live on an island. So let's go through our journey's together.


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