Rebecca M.

Certified Peer Supporter

Accepting New Connections

Hey y’all! My name is Rebecca and I’m a peer suffering from Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar type, Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, OCD, ADHD, Depression, Severe Anxiety, and Panic Disorder. I have been in recovery for 10 years. I now work as a CPSS for several agencies. I volunteer for several agencies as well. I love to travel. I love photography. I have two adorable cat children.

Willing to help others find local resources

About Rebecca Madden


I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist for several agencies. I volunteer at several agencies as well. I have worked in healthcare, Orlando theme parks, call centers, hospitality sites, food spots, entertainment venues, and retail outlets. I go to school for psychology and entertainment. I am a background extra for several films and tv shows.


My Recovery Story

I have been in recovery for nine years. I have been hospitalized over 20+ times. I was almost court ordered to take meds. I almost was homeless. I almost had legal trouble. I was almost arrested. I now am stable enough to be able to help others. I love what I do and being able to provide hope.

My Motivation To Help

I love helping others and providing hope. I love meeting people where they are.

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