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Madonna A.
Thursday, Sep 21, 2023 | 05:00pm - 06:30pm EDT
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About this meeting
These meetings are for employees who need support and guidance while experiencing a stressful event or outcome while working on the frontlines (such as abusive behaviors from a patient, parent or customer). Come meet with others who are having similar experiences. In a ‘safe zone’ you will be able to express your thoughts and reactions, learn emotional first aid and helpful ways to deal with these problems, realize and get support and encouragement from others. Register for a meeting today!

About the host
Madonna J. Arsenault, M.Div., CSD, Chaplain, CPSS *Blessings of deep peace be with you; I’m grateful you are here. I come from a long line of indigenous healers, and am a Christian believer. *I’m also a teacher of beautiful things and an encourager of spirit with many years of experience of providing spiritual and emotional care with persons who are our most vulnerable from diverse populations, bringing hope to life. *Credentials: M.Div., Master of Divinity, Hospital Chaplain, Hospice Chaplain, Chaplain and Minister for Volunteers of America, Certified Spiritual Director in private practice, Birth Doula, Trainer/Facilitator Shay Moral Injury Center, VOA, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Clinical Therapeutic Musician, Residential Counselor, and Reiki Master. *Groups where you will find me as a peer supporter: Volunteers of America VOA ReST for First Responders, VOA ReST for Veterans, VOA ReST General, DBSA, DBSA Friends and Family, Pregnancy and Postpartum Care and Support, Hey Ladies Growing Together: New Moms, Soul Care for Women, One-to-One Life and Wellness Coaching, and Spiritual Direction *During a very difficult time in my life, his saying helped to shift my mindset: “…the unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy”. It speaks of honoring the present moment with hope, waiting for a turn in circumstances, and lifting the hope with a promise of joy awaiting on the other side of a hard now. In peer support, that’s what we do together in a safe and confidential space of empathetic and compassionate connection. The most important thing for us is to know that we are not alone in the life challenges we are facing. *Please reach out to me here on Hey Peers if you desire to connect for one-to one peer support, spiritual care, emotional support, or life and wellness coaching. Deep peace, Madonna
Motivation for help
I have been to the dark edges of deep sorrow and pain, and I have been brought to a sacred garden of joy and peace. My life is a story full of hope on this journey, and I’ve found that there is healing in the sharing our stories, more importantly, having our stories witnessed and believed is when the power of healing begins to arrive.
Recent reviews
Tim is always great
May 29, 2024
Kept the group involved and great topics / facilitating
May 29, 2024
Apr 29, 2024
Madonna has a caring presence and such soulful wise energy. She offers reassuring and wise responses and there is trust in her and in the space. I feel that she has a special ability to encourage an energy space between the individuals in the group and as a meeting for community. She helps me make meaning out of things.
Apr 28, 2024
Madonna is a compassionate leader, calm and knowledgeable.
Apr 28, 2024
Madonna is a sweet soul - I cannot leave a group with her without feeling lighter. She is pure light for this world. Thank you! (And it was great to meet a new facilitator!)
Apr 26, 2024
I love Madonna. She is kind and supportive to all members and allows everyone who wants to speak a chance to do so. She is one of my favorite facilitators on Hey Peers.
Apr 24, 2024
They were empathetic and helpful.
Apr 24, 2024
Good group overall. Glad I attended and participated and shared.
Apr 24, 2024
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Welcome to HeyPeers Certified Meetings!

HeyPeers Certified meetings are facilitated by Group Leaders who have lived experience with the topic of the meeting they are facilitating. They have completed training, passed exams and have met other requirements in their state to become cerified. Some of our CPSs are also nationally certified and most have other credentials as well. Most HeyPeers Certifed meetings are 90 minutes in length and include a discussion of helpful tips and techniques.