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WA State TBI Support Group

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Monday, Dec 04, 2023 | 07:00pm - 08:00pm PST
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About this meeting
The following session will be focused on the stresses of managing daily life as a caregiver and an individual living with a brain injury. Individuals without a flexible mindset are often resistant to change, believing it to be a strength. Digging deeper, they find that perfectionism contributes to several problems, including stress, anxiety, and depression. For those that are caregivers or individuals living with a brain injury, such a mindset can be debilitating. Through discussion and practice, the group will explore strategies to manage daily stress and the pitfalls of being a perfectionist as a family caregiver. Opportunities for discussion, personal support, and reflection will be provided.

About the host
Hello! My name is Nick, and I am a mental health professional out of Washington State, working as a licensed mental health counselor. For several years now, I have been facilitating TBI Support Groups on Hey Peers, and would like to expand myself to being certified on here too.
Motivation for help
My motivation to help is centered around my empathy for those that have struggled with finding themselves following a major life change. I have experienced it myself and it is something that can really benefit from simple social support.
Recent reviews
Nick is a nice mediator. I enjoy being a member of his group.
Jun 20, 2024
Patient and great at keeping the conversation flowing. Allowing everyone to speak if they wish to
Jun 19, 2024
I really enjoyed tonight’s meeting. Nick gives everyone a chance to share.
Jun 05, 2024
I really like the group
May 30, 2024
I love the sessions that Nick hosts, and they have provided me with so much knowledge and support. I no longer feel isolated or alone in this journey, and this group validates me. Thank you do much for everything that you do!
May 22, 2024
This was my first group session and I really appreciate everyone. Thank you.
May 22, 2024
Really nice to have Nick there to help us through the meeting. The topics and questions are great.
May 16, 2024
Nick is an amazing group leader, and this was my first time attending a group meeting. Everyone made me feel welcome, and heating everyone's experiences made me realize that I am not alone. I look forward to attending more sessions. Thank you!!
Apr 24, 2024
Awesome group!!!
Mar 28, 2024
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JacobT Dana AlexJones Lydia Panda6622 Barbkoumjian Tim Smith Steph Shelby365 David Lorelei
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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Strategic Partnership Advisory Council of Washington State provides Support Groups through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) that emphasize connection, education, and engagement in life after sustaining a TBI.


Our Support Groups are predicated on the concept of a person-centered approach that can aid in the development of long-term knowledge and generic problem-solving skills to help attendees overcome barriers to sustaining a fulfilling life.


These Support Groups may provide a therapeutic effect, but they do not provide therapy and instead focus on delivering organized bodies of knowledge and resources for the betterment of attendees.


The group rotation will consist of scheduled groups of one to two per week. Each group focuses on a specific topic geared towards individuals who have sustained a brain injury, their families, and providers.
*Please note, groups with "Private" in the title are for specific groups and are not open for public entry.

*Closed captioning is offered at indicated sessions.

National and Local Resource Links:


Washington 211


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


Community Living Connections


What is Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI? (Video)


Cognitive Behavior Changes with TBI (Video)