Men on the Move

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Vincent C.
Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024 | 07:00pm - 08:00pm EDT
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About this meeting
‘Men on the Move’ is an inclusive and supportive space designed for men seeking personal growth, understanding, and connection. For men navigating the highs and lows of career, health and family, this group provides an hour to relax, connect, and engage in confidential discussions of personal challenges and powerful questions. Men can speak honestly and receive valuable insights from each other. Come join Men on the Move as we embrace openness, celebrate our shared maleness, and unite to become better versions of ourselves.
  • Host

    Vincent C.

    Organization Trained Peer Supporter

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  • Co-host

    Stephen S.

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About the host
Vince is the Co-Founder and CEO of Support Groups Central, Inc., the provider of HeyPeers. He is a recognized behavioral health technology pioneer and expert in the video-based peer support space. Vince has had the opportunity to coach and advise senior executives and their teams in a variety of industries. His real passion has become to connect people with others who have similar life challenges so they can encourage and support each other. Vince thinks of himself as a greyhound. Greyhounds are often called “45 mile per hour couch potatoes.” Vince is a gym rat who is particularly fond of sprinting on a stationary bike. At the same time, Vince spends so much time on his computer, he can identify with the sedentary aspects of a greyhound’s life.
Motivation for help
I have been helped and supported by so many others. I view it as a privilege to work with others on their life's journeys. I am especially dedicated to working with people in groups where we can be reminded that we are not alone and that our challenges are not entirely unique.
Recent reviews
Vince does a great job keeping us focused
May 08, 2024
I really enjoyed the group and hope to be able to attend more meetings in the future. For me it seems like a really good group to be in that I can gain a lot of valuable and useful perspective for my life now and in the future. Hope to see you all when I can
May 01, 2024
To take my time before coming to a decision, not to rush to one
May 01, 2024
Express to someone, the group in this case, when there is something on my mind. Don't keep it locked inside!
Apr 24, 2024
Thanks for leading. Have a great week.
Apr 03, 2024
Vince such a swell humble man. Enjoyed the group down to earth men going through circumstances of life
Mar 27, 2024
Not to take things so seriously
Mar 27, 2024
Still going through tough times myself, but it is good for us to share perspectives and opinions. Glad to be a part of this group once in a while. I like that were all at different stages in life
Mar 20, 2024
I just had emotions to continue to process. I'm glad everyone is living life/doing what needs to be done for themselves. Meeting helped ground me to feel a little more normal. Vince/Steve as always keep things going steadily along and help us feel united though we are all a bit spread out. I know sometimes there aren't words that will do emotions justice. I'm glad to have another helpful resource. I don't know if these evals get read, but thank you so much.
Mar 13, 2024
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