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HeyPeers Certified Meeting
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Diana B.
Thursday, May 02, 2024 | 08:00pm - 09:00pm EDT
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About this meeting
You are not alone. Times are changing and uncertain. The stress from the current situation and changing needs of parenting can be challenging. Join us at an upcoming support group. Learn from your facilitator on how you can ease the stress caused by challenging situations and from parents like you who are going through similar situations. You will receive real life tips and strategies. You will leave feeling connected and not alone and hopefully learn how to approach your own situation.

About the host
Hi, my name is Diana and I want to say welcome to Hey Peers. Professionally I've been working in the world of peer support a bit over fifteen years and have been with this organization about eight and a half. I have a lot of life experiences, you can see under my specialties and recovery story. I'm a good listener and always carry hope and belief in healing. Feel free to connect with me, ask questions, find support :)
Motivation for help
Being with people as they learn to value themselves is wonderful to be a part of.
Recent reviews
She was open gentle friendly and understanding
May 14, 2024
She is amazing! šŸ¤©
Apr 30, 2024
She is so relatable and beautiful inside and out. I love attending her meetings! šŸ’ž
Apr 23, 2024
She is the best šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„
Mar 19, 2024
She is compassionate and empathetic.
Feb 13, 2024
She is the best!!!!
Feb 13, 2024
Diana is a caring and wonderful leader.
Feb 12, 2024
Excellent in communicating at a level and pace that assisted me to learn and be open to taking care of myself
Feb 08, 2024
She is the best!
Jan 16, 2024
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Welcome to HeyPeers Certified Meetings!

HeyPeers CertifiedĀ meetings are facilitated by Group Leaders who have lived experience with the topic of the meeting they are facilitating. They haveĀ completed training, passed exams and have met other requirements in their state to become cerified.Ā Some of our CPSs are also nationally certified and most have other credentials as well. Most HeyPeers Certifed meetings are 90 minutes in length and include a discussion of helpfulĀ tips and techniques.