Tattered Flower: A Sexual Abuse Recovery Group

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Lynnea J.
Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 | 03:00pm - 04:00pm PDT
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About this meeting
TRIGGER WARNING: During this group, we will be discussing sexual assault/abuse events that may be disturbing, even traumatizing, to some members. If you ever feel the need to exit the group during one of these discussions, either for a short time or for the rest of the group, you may do so. PLEASE PRACTICE SELF-CARE. Join us for an opportunity to have a safe, open and inviting discussion about methods to promoting wellness, recovery and healing.
  • Host

    Lynnea J.

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  • Co-host

    Moses R.

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  • 2nd Co-host

    Carlo T.

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About the host
Peer Support Specialist Advocate for the mental health community for over 15 years, Caregiver for Veterans 12 years, Social Service Assistant, Domiscilliary, West Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Medical Center, VA Community Care Dept., Outreach Field services for Homeless Veterans living on "Skid Row", L.A. Care's Equity Council Member Advocate 2 years, L.A. Care's RCAC 5 Member Advocate, Merchandise Marketing Degree, F.I.D.M., Sociology Coursework 4 years, C.S.U.N., Medical Terminology Coding and Billing Certification, Service Dog Registration of America 7 years, Alliance of Therapy Dogs Member 12 years. Survivor of Domestic Violence Abuse Victim 40+ years lived life experience. Maintaining Recovery process.
Recent reviews
Moses is awesome. Very relatable.
May 31, 2024
I love that Lynnea makes sure that her space is always such a welcoming and supportive environment<3
Mar 21, 2024
Thanks Lynnea for always being so welcoming and kind. I look forward to spending time in your group each week learning and listening to my fellow pet loving peers sharing about how much joy and healing they receive from their fury companions. I enjoyed all the valuable resources shared today and they're definitely going into my repertoire of resources
Jan 13, 2024
I felt unsafe that the peer leader, Lynaeus, did not follow the group guidelines for stating trigger warnings before sharing triggering topics. She went into descriptive detail regarding injuries from abuse without any trigger warning.
Nov 30, 2023
Lynnea talks about her own trauma at length and with details that are unnecessary. She takes up group time, away from members, by talking about her own stories for long periods of time. That's not good facilitation, that's using a group as your own personal therapy session. I appreciate the work she's doing, but the way she's doing it is not as good as it could be. That said, Moses is an excellent facilitator.
Nov 16, 2023
The fact that Lynnea uses group to strengthen animal/human bond is reflected in how she cares for her own pup. Her Love and respect of animals is apparent. I Love the resources!
Sep 08, 2023
I wish I could get directed to somewhere I could to have a social life while getting rid of all of the damage being done to my reputation.
Aug 30, 2023
You can tell Lynnea has a heart for animals. I appreciate the different topics about our animal babies, b/c it makes me think about the different ways to care for them. We freely share resources
Aug 25, 2023
I really enjoyed today’s group because your compassion, kindness and love for animals (and your participants) is exactly why I keep coming back to your group! Thanks Lynnea for ALWAYS keeping this space safe, for your unwavering support, and for always making “me” feel welcomed. I truly appreciate you
Aug 18, 2023
Registration Closed
Attendees (21)
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